We have been manufacturing various packaging materials since 2001. Our portfolio covers all customer needs, capable of providing complete packaging solutions.

Technical Foams

PE, PP, PS, PU, and EPDM foams in various colours and surface resistivities (insulative, anti-static, conductive)

Corrugated Paper Products

Regular slotted boxes I Die-cut boxes of
3, 5, or 7-ply carton I Custom-made boxes I Dividers

Corrugated Plastic (Cartonplast)

Boxes | Sheets | Crates | Dividers

Adhesive Tapes

Standard tapes| Single-sided specialty tapes | Double-sided technical tapes

Flexible Packaging

Foamed foils, bubble films, flexo-printed multilayer films and converted products (i.e. bags, sheets, rolls)

Wooden Products

Crates | Euro pallets | Specialty pallets | Single-use pallets | Recycled pallets

Vacuum-Formed Trays

Available materials: PS | PET | ABS | recycled PS

Ancillary Products

Corrosion Protection (VCI) | Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection | Fillers

Corrugated Plastic (Cartonplast) Products

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