Construction materials

Our production of roof foils began in 1994, based on our patents. Since then, our portfolio expanded substantially.

Roof Foils

SOLFLEX Summer, SOLFLEX Winter and SOLFLEX Breather

Floor Underlays

SOLFLEX Underfloor Heating and SOLFLEX Parquet floor

Fire-Retardant Products

SOLFLEX Weld-Aid and SOLFLEX Fire-Retarder


SOLFLEX Heat-reflecting sheet, SOLFLEX Heat-reflecting foam roll and SOLFLEX Convection heater

Adhesive Tapes

Aluminium tapes, metallised polymer tapes and masking tapes

Other Products

Chimney inserts, Glass fibre textiles, Geotextiles, Corner profiles, Plastic cover sheets, Anchor pins, and WPC

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